Dear Tabby will officially kickoff during the Super Bowl because cats need something to distract them from all that people noise. My mommy and daddy have learned to keep the volume down and never cheer because we startle easily and sink our claws into their toes.

Dear Tabby is a blog for cats to help them understand strange people behavior. For instance, why do we understand people calls but they don’t understand ours?

From kickoff till the end off the game we will follow the Dear Tabby official mouseball game and keep you updated.

Rules of Mouseball

  1. Drop ball onto floor and leave it
  2. Cats may or may not choose to play
  3. Cats who do play may bat the ball wherever
  4. Game ends when cat gets bored
  5. Any cat may resume the game
  6. Players may switch balls at anytime for any reason
  7. If human steps on ball and trips and hurts themselves they still have to feed us and change our litter
  8. (European rules only: cats may not use rear paws or make contact with other cats as if anyone could enforce this)
  9. To score is human. To ignore is cat.
  10. Where’s dinner?

I would like to thank daddy, who translates and types this for me.

Write Jenny

Don’t understand your people? Ask Jenny anything:

  • How do I get them away from their plates so I can eat the good stuff?
  • How can I get my people to use that little bed they gave me so I can have the good one all to myself?
  • How do I drive away that pesky dog?

Email your questions to Dear Tabby.