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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Dear Kitties,

Don't forget to leap on the stove and lick up the grease when it's cool. That's the tastiest part.


Thanks, Yasmine.



Dear Tabby:

Ollie is an orange tabby and I am a tabby tabby. Sometimes mommy leaves stuff on the counter that is perfect for mouseball. Ollie knocks it to the floor and we roll it around the kitchen and living room. We have so much fun. Usually mommy gives us a nasty look and puts the mouseball in a cupboard where we can't play anymore.

But yesterday Mommy came home and found our mouseball had broken and screamed something about priceless crystal sculpture. What happened? Did we do something bad?


Dear Fluffy:

You did nothing wrong. Cats can't be blamed if they find mouseballs to play with. Anything on the floor or that we can knock on the floor is ours to play with. Just like bacon left on the stove is ours to eat. If your mommy didn't want you to play mouseball she shouldn't have left you one.

Write Jenny

Don’t understand your people? Email Jenny with any people questions. If I can’t answer there are plenty of fosters here who can help me. For example:

  • How do I get them away from their plates so I can eat the good stuff?
  • How can I get my people to use that little bed they gave me so I can have the good one all to myself?
  • How do I drive away that pesky dog?

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