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Dear Tabby

Why won’t mommy and daddy share their food with me? I try everything. I stand next their chairs looking cute, but they ignore me. I leap on the stove when mommy's back is turned and try to sneak a piece from the frying pan. She smacks me with a spoon. I leap on the table during the meal and ask politely and daddy picks me up and carries me to the bedroom and locks me in.

Adorable but ignored

It's hardly fair. I play for them. I dance for them. I purr for them. But they eat fresh salmon and fresh chicken and ham. I get stuff from a box and a can. What should I do?

Hungry and confused? Well, confused anyway.

Dear Hungry and confused:

Do you share your food with them? If you're selfish, why shouldn't they be? Try setting the example and see how your parents respond. Instead of hogging your food, save some for your parents. Imagine how much more they would love you if they woke up in the morning with a mouthful of turkey and giblets waiting for them on their pillow? Or how much they would enjoy sitting on the couch with their magazine and a cup of coffee only to find some Iams premium chicken fillets in gravy waiting for them?

It would be a lot more appetizing than sitting on a hairball.

But if you aren’t willing to give up a few precious bites of your dinner, why should they?

Write Jenny

Don't understand your people? Email Jenny with any people questions. If I can't answer there are plenty of fosters here who can help me. For example:

  • How do I get them away from their plates so I can eat the good stuff?
  • How can I get my people to use that little bed they gave me so I can have the good one all to myself?
  • How do I drive away that pesky dog?

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Dear Kitties,

Don't forget to leap on the stove and lick up the grease when it's cool. That's the tastiest part.


Thanks, Yasmine.


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